Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Grubmaster Budget

The Grubmaster's budget for a Troop outing is $2 per person for each meal and $1 per person for each cracker barrel (evening snack).For instance, if we leave on Friday evening and come back on Sunday morning, the budget is usually $10 per person, times the number of people in the patrol.

$1  Friday cracker barrel
$2  Saturday breakfast
$2  Saturday lunch (unless the lunch is provided, as at a Winter Camporee)
$2  Saturday dinner
$1  Saturday cracker barrel
$2  Sunday breakfast
$10  total budget

The Grubmaster's menu and shopping list should be reviewed with the Grubmaster adult mentor before he goes shopping.

Immediately after the outing, the Grubmaster submits his receipts for reimbursement.  He should first review them with the Grubmaster adult mentor, and then submit them to the Troop Treasurer.

If the Grubmaster spends more than the budget, he cannot collect reimbursement for the overage.  He will only be reimbursed $10 per person.

If the Grubmaster spends less than the budget, he collects only what he spent.  Each participant still pays the budgeted amount, and the difference goes into the fund for offsetting the cost of the Wednesday evening family dinner at summer camp.