Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Choose a position to access the job description for an adult leader.

Adult Position Incumbent
Advancements Chairperson Mrs. Lu
Assistant Scoutmaster (multiple; see details)
'Big Trip' Advisor Mr. Ziegele
Board of Review Coordinator Mr. Heath
Committee Chair Mrs. Gormley
Committee Member (multiple; see details)
Connor Prairie Wagon Advisor Mrs. Saam
Fish Fry Advisor Mrs. Rozmaryn
Gear Mart Coordinator Mrs. Wilson
High Adventure Coordinator Mr. Heath
Life-to-Eagle Mentor Pending
Medical Records Coordinator Mr. Sonaji
Mentor to Bugler Mr. Pison
Mentor to Chaplain Aide Mr. Dziwlik
Mentor to Color Guard Commander Mr. Heath
Mentor to Firecrafter Rep ('Spark') Mr. Creighton
Mentor to Grubmasters (same as Patrol Advisors)
Mentor to Historian Mrs. Gormley
Mentor to Guide-Advancement Mr. Considine
Mentor to Instructor-Camp Cooking Mr. Westbrook
Mentor to Instructor-First Aid Mr. Sonaji
Mentor to Instructor-Fitness Open
Mentor to Instructor-Knot/Lashing Open
Mentor to Instructor-Map/Compass Mr. Phillips
Mentor to Librarian Mrs. Gormley
Mentor to Instructor-STEM Mr. Considine
Mentor to Order of the Arrow Rep Mr. Creighton
Mentor to Outdoor Ethics Guide Mr. Phillips
Mentor to Quartermaster Mr. Pyatt
Mentor to QM of Shelter Mr. Winiger
Mentor to QM of Cooking & Light Mr. Jack
Mentor to QM of Tools & Fire Mr. Nadella
Mentor for Gear Support & Advice Mr. Taylor, Mr. Pison, Mr. Thyen
Mentor to Scribe Mrs. Saam
Mentor to Service Coordinator Mrs. Marciano
Mentor to Troop Guides Mr. Ziegele
Merit Badge Counselor (multiple; see details)
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Mr. Considine
Outings Coordinator Mr. Kob
Patrol Advisor (multiple; see details)
Popcorn Kernel Mr. Sims
Religious Emblems Counselor (multiple; see details)
Scouting for Food Advisor Mrs. Collins
Scoutmaster Mr. Ziegele
St. Elizabeth Seton Staff Liaison Mrs. McRoberts
Summer Camp Coordinator (multiple; see details)
Training Coordinator Mr. Leimer
Swim Classification Coordinator Mrs. Ascioti
Treasurer Mr. Miskowiec
Webelos-to-Scout Transition Pack 105 - Mr. Rozmaryn
  Pack 123 - Mr. Dziwlik
  Pack 188 - Mr. Dowell
  Pack 197 - Mr. Sonaji
  Pack 114 - Mrs. Gormley