Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Troop 202 Basic Financial Procedures

1. A 'Scout Account is created for each Scout when he joins Troop 202.  Funds may be placed in the account for convenience to cover his expenses through the course of the year.
2. A Scout may not have a negative account balance.  Expenses must be covered as they are charged/incurred.
3. If a Scout inadvertently incurs a negative account balance, he is not considered 'in good standing', and may not pursue advancement until the problem is corrected.
4. Funds earned from Scouting fundraising projects may only be used for Scouting expenses.  This is because the contributions were made for charitable purposes with the intent of helping to finance Scouting.
5. The Troop 202 Treasurer Form is used to request deposits, reimbursements, or transfers of funds.
6. The budget for food for a weekend outing is $2 per person per meal cooked with the patrol, and $1 for each cracker barrel snack.  Therefore, a full weekend outing typically has a budget of $10 per person.  Each participant will pay this amount when going on the outing.  The grubmaster must work within this budget, and must present receipts to request reimbursement after the outing.  If he overruns the budget, he will not be reimbursed for the overrun.  If he spends less than the budgeted amount, any small difference will be placed in the summer camp Wednesday family dinner fund.
7. The troop must re-charter with BSA each year.  At that time, each Scout must pay the membership fee and Troop 202 dues for the following year.  The portion of his payment retained in the troop is used to pay for durable equipment and meeting supplies.
8. Financial aid is available.  If a family is in need of financial assistance, they may talk confidentially about it to the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair.
9. In the event a Scout leaves the troop, he may not withdraw any funds in his 'Scout Account' that came from fundraising.  Any unspent money will be moved to the Troop 202 general fund upon his resignation from the troop.