Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN



Troop 202 is part of the Curahee Ember in the Central Flame of the Crossroads of America council Firecrafter organization.

Firecrafter BACKGROUND

Firecrafter is a program of camp ranks established in 1920 in the Crossroads of America council.  The program exists only in a few places outside the council.  It was established to promote long-term camping at the council camps.  During the first year of attendance at summer camp, a Scout may earn the rank of Camper.  During his second year of camp, he may earn the rank of Woodsman.  During his third year, and after reaching the age of 13 and the rank of First Class, a Scout may candidate for the rank of Firecrafter during his week at camp.  Following a successful candidacy week, the Scout remains a candidate until he successfully completes the Firecrafter Ritual at either the Mid-Summer Ritual in July or the Grand Ritual in August.  The rank of Minisino is an honorary rank for which a Scout must be nominated.

Firecrafter NEWS

See the Firecrafter webpage and the Troop 202 Calendar page for information on upcoming Firecrafter events.


If you are Firecrafter in Troop 202, see the troop Firecrafter Rep for instructions on how to access the Troop's library of reference materials.