Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN

Document the Completed Eagle Project

Once your project has been installed or delivered, you've reached a key milestone, but the work is not done yet. These are the important remaining steps:
1 Complete the project report section of your Eagle Project Workbook. You will submit it as part of your Eagle rank application package.
2 Report the hours of service completed by you and others as part of your project planning and implementation. You can do this by going to the Service page of the troop website and clicking on the link to report service hours.  You may combine hours for multiple volunteers in one submittal, as long as you make it clear what dates and hours each person worked.
3 Obtain a final signature from the project beneficiary representative indicating their agreement that the project objectives have been met. Keep in mind that, even if your beneficiary is in agreement, a substantive change in your project scope must be reviewed by those who originally approved the project to ensure that it is still acceptable for meeting the requirements for your Eagle rank.
4 Attach to your report all the supporting documentation associated with the project. This includes photos, receipts, letters, thank you notes, news articles, and any other related items.