The Flaming Toasters Patrol
  The Flaming Toasters are 2nd year Scouts in Troop 202.

  The current Patrol Leader is Austin T.
  The Assistant Patrol Leader is Joe J.

Image Gallery Accomplishments & Fun Facts


  • Members of the Flaming Toasters Patrol are Matt B., Thijs B., Connor C., Ryan D., Daniel H., Joe J., Logan M., Evan R., William R., Noah S., Austin T., and Luke V.
  • The Flaming Toasters patrol received two 1st Place ribbons at the 2013 Spring Camporee at Camp Redwing.
  • The Flaming Toasters made a really cool flag for the patrol.
  • The Flaming Toasters won the ice cream "cooking" challenge, and won the 2014 Golden Scooper.
  • We earned the Baden Powell patrol award at summer camp in 2014.
  • We are an amazing patrol.  We won the Best Patrol at the 2014 Fall Camporee, and we won the Healthiest Patrol Meal award.