Hello to all my fellow Scouts,

I want to talk to you about showing respect to all of your patrol mates. These guys are going to stand by you, all the time, at camps and outside of troop meetings. Showing respect to your patrol is showing that you care about what they think, and that you are happy to be in a patrol with them. A patrol can only function when all members work together to achieve their goal. If you want to have a patrol that can win awards at camps, or just make camp a fun time, then make sure that you guys can get along. If you or a fellow patrol mate seem to be struggling with someone else, talk to someone about it, like our Senior Patrol Leader. So, now that you have heard this, it is your duty as a Scout to help your patrol be the best it can be!


I hope you've learned something from this.


Your Webmaster,


Devin A.


A document has been posted that shows the inventory of the Troop 202 library, and who has items checked out.  If you have an overdue item checked out, please return it promptly.  >>>

Your Librarian,

Chad O.



A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.                      - Lord Robert Baden-Powell

I remember when I was a young Scout and I went on my first campout at St Elizabeth Seton. Before the campout, I spent my time preparing by packing all my gear, including the mess kit, toiletries, clothes, and more clothes, and then pushing my sleeping bag inside my backpack. At the end, it seemed like the bag almost weighed as much as me. But despite all that preparation, I ended up being unprepared. My sleeping bag did not keep me warm, I left my clothes out in the dew, and the “warm breakfast” turned out to be pretty cold. However, with experience and the much needed mentorship of leaders and fellow scouts, I began grow as a scout and avoid these common mistakes. I realized that the core value of Scouting is to be prepared. For me, when I first began Scouting, that preparedness was shown in being prepared for campouts, troop activities, and the weekly meetings. But as I grew older and matured as a Scout, I discovered there’s more to it than just those regular duties. To me, being prepared symbolizes putting forth an extra effort that sets you apart from others. Whether that is stretching out before sports, putting in the extra time to help someone, or even finishing extra work for school that doesn’t need to be done, all these show preparedness. My challenge to you is this: Put forth the extra effort and go the extra mile, and see what that can do for you! 

Your Webmaster,

Evan G.