Boy Scout Troop 202
Carmel, IN


Obtaining Eagle congratulatory letters from ...

Marine Corp League The Marine Corps League no longer sends a representative to make this presenation.
 U.S. Army For the U.S. Army Youth Certificate of Recognition, signed by the Army's Chief of Staff, nominations must be sent to a local U.S. Army recruiting battalion or applied for online at  A national directory of local battalions is available at
U.S. Navy For a U.S. Navy Eagle Scout Recognition Certificate, send requests to the commanding officer of the local Navy Recruiting District.  District locations are available at or by calling the nearest Navy recruiter.  Requests should include the new Eagle Scout's name as it will appear on the certificate, date of the Eagle award, mailing address to send the certificate, and information for contacting the Troop leader.
U.S. Air Force Requests for an Eagle Scout congratulatory letter from the U.S. Air Force should be sent to AFRS/PA, Attn:  Scout Letters, 550 D Street West, Suite 1, Randolph AFB, TX  78150-4527
U.S. Marines Send your request, in writing, to Commandant of the Marine Corps, Director of Marine Corps Staff, The Pentagon, Room 4E791, Washington, DC  20350-3000.